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Operating Country Wide

Our transcription service converts recorded speech into written text. We provide transcription of all types of topics recorded on audios, videos, CDs, etc, with recorded interviews between police and illegal immigrants, asylum seekers or employers; recorded evidence of abuse, domestic violence; various legal statements, business discussion; training sessions and many more. All these recordings are directly translated into English from other languages or first transcribed into the language and then translated into English as required.

A template is used for the transcription and time coding is done for every 3 lines of the spoken text or as every speaker changes or as required.


Audio Recording

If you have any informative documents, leaflets that you need first translated in other languages and then recorded on a disc or on a USB stick for people who cannot read and write, then we can assist you with it.

Voice over

If you have a video which you need in any other language we can help you to have it converted into the required languages. Voice over recording is done in two parts. First the whole script is translated into the required language and then recorded. The whole text is divided into various segments and a recording of each segment is fitted within a certain given time slot. It takes much longer as translated text is edited many times in order to make the recording of the segment fit within the given time slot.

It is easy to have any recorded audio or video transcribed from any language to English or transcribed in the language first and then translated into English or have a voice over done.

Just send your the transcription job with your requirements we will provide you with all the needed information and cost and timescale. Large file can be transferred by using software like, yousentit, weTransfer, Dropsend, etc.

Cost of transcription and audio recording

Charges for transcribing are made on per minute long recording basis. To transcribe a half an hour long recording could take up to 7 hours or more depending on how many speakers there are in the recording and quality of the recording.


For voice overs we first charge for translating the text from source language to the target language and then charge for recoding on per minute long recording basis.

To place a request for transcription of any recording

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High quality translation work at very reasonable prices, and within the promised timeframe – would recommend and use again. Very friendly contact person as well.


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