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Our translation service also covers translation of legal documents such as: court orders, wills, witness statements, property transfer deeds, notices of dispossession, translation of bank statements, payslips and a variety of certificates: birth, marriage, divorce or academic certifications; visas, passports for home office, UKBA and other official purposes.

We make sure that your legal document is translated by a suitable linguist who:

  • is qualified to DipTrans

  • or has DPSI in law option

  • has membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

With the translated document we will issue:  - 

  • a Certificate of Accuracy on our headed paper with company credentials, to say that the translation is a correct translation of the source document provided to us.

  • the Certificate of Accuracy will have the translator's signature and qualifications to show that it is translated by a qualified translator.

Our translation with certificate of accuracy is accepted by Home office, UKBA and other legal organisations. 

How to have a legal document translated

First you need to decide which type of certification for the translated document you need. If you need to use the translated document in UK and you think providing you with a certificate of accuracy is what you need, then you can email us your document.

We will provide you with a quote and time scale and proceed with the translation on receiving a confirmation to proceed with the translation.

Most translations are completed within 3 working days. We also accept urgent requests.

We do not provide legal translation Certified by a solicitor, notary public services or commissioner for oath in order to be used overseas. To provide a certified translation first the document is translated. 

Then the translator has to take the translation to a solicitor or notary public services office to swear and sign on it in the presence of a solicitor or Notary Public Services. The Notary Services or a solicitor signs the document and validates it by putting a seal and their unique stamp on it in order for the translation to be accepted overseas. But not all translators wish to waste their time by going to a solicitor or a Notary Services.

Although the wax seal looks very official but it does not guarantee that the translation they have certified is accurate as they cannot understand the translated document. Whereas we make sure that the translation is provided by an experienced and qualified translator. Our certificate of accuracy shows translator’s qualifications and is signed to say that it is a correct translation.

To place a request for translation of a legal document please click here or contact us by phone on: 

01865 778331

What our Clients say

High quality translation work at very reasonable prices, and within the promised timeframe – would recommend and use again. Very friendly contact person as well.


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Perfect translation, received as promised.

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